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Functions - suggest, release, distribute

Termflow is a web-based terminology management system that provides the infrastructure for a wide range of automated terminology workflows with many innovative additional benefits that make terminology management and terminology work an experience.

Basic functions

  • Search existing terminology
  • Process/update terminology
  • Release terminology
  • Translate terminology
  • Set up seamless terminology management workflows
  • Use of different monitoring functions
  • Use of statistics
  • Adjustment in relation to interfaces
  • Clean-up of terminology in translation memories

Populating of the terminology database

  • When populating the terminology database from a file: XLS(X)/CSV, TBX, MultiTerm XML (subject to charge)
  • When populating the terminology database from a TMS: crossTerm (subject to charge)
  • Creation of all attributes, picklists in line with the guidelines and specifications

Filtering and creation of new terminology

Terminology extraction from PDF, XLF and TXT

  • Cross-checking of term candidates against existing terminology database and stop word lists (here term candidates that have already been rejected and filtered out are stored)
  • Administration of stop word lists

Suggestion system (also auto-suggestion system)

  • A suggestion can be submitted if a search term is not found
  • Status of suggested term can be tracked and/or e-mail notification provided following a change of status
  • Collection of all search terms in a statistics list, display of most frequently occurring search terms, if necessary direct transition to a term suggestion is possible

Reading the terminology

  • Anonymous access (read rights) configurable
  • Searching for and finding terminology using search function
  • Selected additional attributes can be displayed (can also be configured as default)

Structure of terminology database

  • Attribution on the concept level, language level, and term level possible
  • Storage of history of all revisions/sequence of revisions in the database
  • Related entries can be linked (also multiple links)
  • Several entries can be merged and terminology entries can be split up
  • Definition of mandatory fields
  • Several database instances are possible per customer

User and workflow administration

  • Use of preconfigured user groups (administrator, reader, approver, terminologist)
  • Creation of new user groups
  • Editing of group rights
  • User administration (creation and assignment to groups)
  • Assignment of users to languages
  • Use of preconfigured workflows (individual projects and linked project management)
  • Development of proprietary customer-specific workflows
  • Retroactive correction of user assignments in work projects

Notification function

  • Sending of questions or comments as part of the project processing
  • Commenting on existing entries and sending of comments
  • Saving of questions and answers


  • Export to CSV and TBX in a specified layout is possible at any time
  • Interface to Across (locally at Transline or at customer's in-house server) and with Multi-Term, additional interfaces are planned

Communication workflow

  • Notification regarding task packages via e-mail to assigned persons using Weblink
  • Automatic forwarding and monitoring of deadlines
  • Automatic dispatch of reminders and mapping of escalation scenarios
  • Adaptation of preconfigured e-mail templates to individual customer requirements


  • Logging of the frequency of search terms
  • Evaluation of processing periods in the project
  • Evaluation of database (number of terms in projects, number of terms with certain attributes and processing states)

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