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Termflow – workflow for words

The simple way of terminology management

Do you always have the right words?

  • Does your sales organization speak the same language as your development department?
  • Does your product management speak the same language as your customers?
  • Do your cooperation partners speak the same language as you?

Efficient terminology management is the foundation for a corporate language - so that all better understand.

Terminology management is a challenge that we gladly take on: Termflow is straightforward terminology management.

A correct and consistent term has repercussions on the understanding of circumstances and processes in the enterprise. It affects all texts for products and services and consequently it also influences the translations in the respective target languages.

Does that sound complicated?

It does not have to be: Design your terminology management simply and cost-effectively - Termflow automates terminology management and offers web-based workflow support for all process participants: Regardless of where they are located, and regardless of when they want to log in.

You concentrate on the content. We provide the infrastructure.

Would you like to learn more about Termflow?

We would be pleased to answer your questions, send additional information to you, or set up a test account for you.

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