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With Termflow, for you terminology work in the future means: A hundred process steps are combined in a defined workflow

Where does your terminology come from?

Do you have a collection of lists, do you extract from specific data, or do you have a defined recommendation system? Regardless of where your terminology comes from: With Termflow you can import terminology without manual effort - no matter what the source.

How do you process your terminology?

How do you sort and attribute term candidates, how do you translate terms? And how are terms approved in the source and target language? With Termflow you can specify flexible roles and rights for all required process steps in an automated workflow.

Where do you want your terminology to be exported?

The terminology that you have created with Termflow can be synchronized automatically with third-party systems, such as Across. Or would you like to export your terminology to Excel with one click? No matter where you want your terminology, Termflow is flexible for your projects.

And you profit from this flexibility:

Efficient terminology management with stable workflows offers and enterprise-wide advantage: The direct savings potential of consistent use of terminology is estimated to be 15% of the cost of translation. On the other hand the savings that occur through the reduction of "invisible costs" and the increase in intangible values cannot be effectively quantified. Questions that arise due to misunderstandings and the possible resulting incorrect operation are dispensed with, employees are simultaneously offloaded and supported. The quality of source texts and of the associated translations increase. Thus the prerequisites are in place for communication free of misunderstanding. Systematic terminology management replaces the often irregular terminology work, which is performed nevertheless, but is neither accounted for in the costs, nor does it achieve the desired result.
Are you a controller? Then you will be pleased with the meaningful statistics in Termflow. Here you will find the most frequently searched concepts and the analysis of the database.

With the right workflow, terminology becomes an economic factor.

Without Termflow, today medium-sized terminology projects take approximately 6 to 8 months to complete. Our goal: With Termflow we want to shorten this processing time to 2 weeks. Perhaps not from one day to the next. But that is our promise for the future.

Learn about the many other advantages that Termflow has to offer.